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    Welcome to the blog! If the banner doesn't make it obvious enough I'll just spill the beans and let you know that we are a full time husband and wife wedding photography team. We love life, God, weddings, and if you slide over our names to the left you'll note a few other things we love.

    We are based out of Los Angeles, and when I say that, I mean our studio is right in the smack dab center of downtown. However, if you start browsing through the blog history you will soon note that we shoot weddings all over the country and world. We put a lot into making our images so I hope you enjoy checking some of them out!

    If you're up for having a great time at your wedding, and our photos have the look you are going for, then feel free to shoot us a note and we would love to chat some more!

    - Lukas and Suzy VanDyke

120 Days of Marriage!

Today Suzy went to Disneyland with her sister, and then dinner with her mom. I don’t think I had really noticed recently, but since we work together there are probably only 5 or 6 hours the whole week we are apart. It took her being gone the whole day for me to realize I miss her a lot. I know it was only 12 hours. But I love my Suzy and after about 6 hours I started to miss her. It’s funny how I have been single for so many years and thought nothing of spending a few days alone. I even enjoyed it.  But now that we have each other it’s hard to let go! =).

Thank you Suzy for being such a great wife, a good communicator, a loving companion, and fun co-worker, an adorable inspiration, and all the Suzy things you are that I love so much! I’m glad  you’re home to celebrate our 120th day of being married! =).

A few other things to note:

Portraits for Missions still has a few spots open on Friday the 12th! Only one day away from the first day! I’m excited!

– the above photo is a screen shot from the documentary of the Contrast Concepts shoot I have been working on! I should have it online in the next couple days!

A Dedication to my Canon A-1 35mm SLR

This blog post is dedicated to my trusty old Canon A-1 35mm SLR.

Dear Canon A-1,

Your are the first SLR camera I could call my own. I remember back when I just started to understand what you were. I only had $100 to spend, and I rescued you from a pawn shop in Van Nuys. That was where our relationship began. I remember the wonderful feel of pulling your film advance lever with my thumb after each photo. The touch of your retro 70’s strap around my neck. The soft sound of your silk shutter sliding back and forth at different speeds. The clack of your mirror as I began to understand photography. I loved the excitement of adjusting the focus on your lens, turning all your dials and seeing the results. I remember the joys we shared as you took all my film and showed me what I could create. You were there with me when my life in photography began. You were even the first camera to take a picture of me with my now wife. I know we don’t spend as much time together anymore, and I know I have let you get a little dusty. But I also know that we will always be friends, and we will remember the good days when photos were fresh, ideas were new, and the world was yet to be conquered. Let us never forget those emotions and continue to live them. Thank you Canon A-1 for being there for me in the beginning.

Your friend

– Lukas

February 4, 2010 - 9:06 am

Brian & Monica - I still haven’t figured out how to tell my 30D that my first love was and always will be my Nikon FG. It’s mad enough at me already for bringing a Mamiya RB67 home a year ago. I just might end up threatening it…something like, “You remember what happened to 20D when he refused to love the film? That’s right, I got you. And where’s 20D now? Yup…he’s the backup. Now there’s a 7D patiently waiting to replace you, so you better be real nice to the filmies, or you’ll be at the back of the bag in no time.”

February 4, 2010 - 10:11 am

Ben - Good stuff. What’s not to love about full-frame 35mm? There’s a reason that even the original Canon 5D’s still command a premium price. A giant viewfinder is an amazing thing. Kudos to you for learning on a film camera. The amount of poor shots I made in my early days makes me glad I started with a DSLR (Rebel XT) . I’m hoping Canon will combine a 5D with a 7D and make something amazing..

Contrast Concepts: Another Preview

Ok I know I just posted a preview three days ago. But seriously I have been having so much fun with this! This video has been sitting on my harddrive for eight months and I’ve been dying to get it on my site. So I’ve been sitting at my computer all day the past two days editing away! I shoot with all Canon Mark III’s which sadly don’t have a video option. But my good friend Deborah loaned me her 5D Mark II for a couple days to do the interviews. Although it’s obviously not my first choice for a work camera, I’m LOVING the video features.

All said, here’s another little clip from the documentary I’m working on. It’s a story of the Contrast Concepts shoot last summer. It will end up being built into an expanded part of the LEARN section on my site! All coming soon. This clip is of the adorable and talented Suzal!

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