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    Welcome to the blog! If the banner doesn't make it obvious enough I'll just spill the beans and let you know that we are a full time husband and wife wedding photography team. We love life, God, weddings, and if you slide over our names to the left you'll note a few other things we love.

    We are based out of Los Angeles, and when I say that, I mean our studio is right in the smack dab center of downtown. However, if you start browsing through the blog history you will soon note that we shoot weddings all over the country and world. We put a lot into making our images so I hope you enjoy checking some of them out!

    If you're up for having a great time at your wedding, and our photos have the look you are going for, then feel free to shoot us a note and we would love to chat some more!

    - Lukas and Suzy VanDyke

Andrey & Mary: e-session

I don’t think any of us were awake when we met at Starbucks last Saturday morning. In fact I think all three of us were asking why on earth we decided to do engagement photos at 8:00am on a Saturday. But eventually I finished my tea, and Mary finished what I think was a carmel frappuccino and we drove over to Cal Tech to get started. I feel like I say this a lot, but you guys are adorable together! I think my favorite part of doing engagement photos is all the cute little inside looks I see between couples in love. It just doesn’t get better than that. You guys look so great in all of these that I can’t wait for your wedding!

Maybe this isn’t quite a cute inside look… but regardless it’s fun!

This is the alley behind the Rococo Room in Pasadena. I love that place for wedding receptions!

5 minutes into our session and your already looking amazing!

I think this photo was a theme in all my sessions last week. =). Maybe my creativity comes by the week.

December 6, 2009 - 11:13 pm

Lukas VanDyke Fine Art Photography» Blog Archive » Andrey & Mary: Wedding Preview - […] the super cute engagement session I got to do with Andrey and Mary in Pasadena a few months ago I was looking forward to some fun […]

Joe & Erica: e-session

Back in the day before I had the privilege of being a full time photographer I used to have an office job.  Erica worked at the same organization in the building next to the one I worked in and I would see her in passing every so often. Anyway, I was excited to hear she was engaged, and even more excited that I get the honor of photographing her wedding!

Their wedding is in December so her colors will involve some red and green (whether she likes it or not!). So as we were wandering around looking for some cool walls to be in their photos we couldn’t help but do a little sequence with the red and green for their invitations! There are probably 40 photos from those walls in the proof album. You guys are too cute! I’m super excited for your wedding! =).

Joe, you’re going to need to explain this photo to me as well as everyone else. lol.

This sign made me crack up since the only arrows I could see were the ones on the sign. Which made it look like there was no fishing only in the 14 inches between the arrows on the sign.

Kevin & Amber: e-session

I met with Amber a few months ago to talk about her wedding coming up in December. We talked about a number of different photo ideas, but the one thing which she mentioned that stuck out was they were both into cycling. We were doing some photos down in old town Newhall to start with, but the clouds and sunset was so nice we decided to head up to Nike Point. Unfortunately the gate was locked so we couldn’t go all the way up, but we ended up getting some really great images near the canyon where they both like to cycle.

I’m very excited about your super chill laid back wedding, but I think I am even more excited about the Trash the Dress / Tux session we are going to do on your bikes after the wedding! Can’t wait! =).  By the way you both look great in the photos! Good job!

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